[PlanetCCRMA] Problems with 96kHz playback, HDSP 9652, ADI2-Pro

Sebastian Doeweling lists@inshadows.de
Tue Mar 8 12:27:02 2005

Hi Mark,

thanks for advice again, yet it didn't help. I have the ADI connected
via SPDIF now and it works flawlessly at 44,1 kHz, yet at 96 kHz I don't
get any amplitude on SPDIF.
I thought it might be an issue with xmms-jack-plugin, but
ecaplay -ddd -o:jack_alsa Testsounds/0_16_96.wav
basically does the same thing. Fine amplitude on Out1 (which is set to
SPDIF), no amplitude on SPDIF L+R.
I even added another Hammerfall card - it didn't help either.

Slowly I'm really getting angry with that card.

Best regards,