[PlanetCCRMA] JAMin in pure data

patrick puredata@11h11.com
Sun Mar 6 13:45:01 2005

 > Maybe I'm missing something - Why would one use a limiter straight
 > after a compressor? A limiter is a compressor...

i'm not sure anymore! what i know is SC4 (compressor) have no option for 
  setting limitation (dB) of incoming sound. so it peaks sometimes if i 
use only SC4. but if i add a limiter just after and set limit (dB) to 0 
it will never peak.

but what do i know? i'm no musician!
so compress sound, tweak eq, limit everything, speaker?

 > Steve said you can just route PD into JAMin using Jack
 > (though I haven't tried that yet).

yes, it works, but it asking too much CPU for doing live stuff with pd 
and JAMin...

* it would be nice to have meterbridge show above 0 dB so we can see 
when we peak (like timemachine).