[PlanetCCRMA] OS questions

Buddy Bell hhbell@bellsouth.net
Sun Mar 6 13:34:01 2005

I am currently running RedHat 9 and was wondering if RedHat is ever
going to put out ver 10.  I'm not sure but I thought I saw somewhere
that they are not - that FedoraCore was the new thing sort of replacing
it.  With RH9 I am using a 2.4 kernel and I heard somewhere that 2.6
kernel is much better at audio(Rosegarden) work.  I am trying to get by
with a dual 300mhz machine but I am still getting an occasional xrun in
jack(this is with Xfce4 instead of gnome - gnome gave lots more xruns). 
I feel if I could just eek out a little more from this machine I could
avoid going to ebay for a 1.6ghz(is that fast enough?) machime.  If
Fedora Core is the way to go can I buy cd's for it?  I don't have a cd
burner and not enough disk space to store the iso's.  Thanks.  Buddy