[PlanetCCRMA] new start for ccrma...

Nick Zuccaro nmz77@yahoo.com
Mon Jan 31 10:08:01 2005

after months of frustration trying to get linux AND ccrma
working i'm going to reformat my hd and start over from scratch
- i'm wondering from your collective expierence what is the most
stable, reliable, likley-to-work combination of redhat version
to start from, and ccrma version that's the least buggy?? i
think i'd like to stick with fedora if it's at all possible -
VERY IMPORTANT: my system is not online, i only have wireless
and linux isn't supported by my card vendor so i've got to work
from discs. i had fc1 installed, tried to install ccrma and that
failed, tried the fc3 upgrade, tried ccrma for fc3 and that
failed with dependency issues. are there any tricks to redoing
the redhat install that will help me out, like to do a full full
install?? is gnome or kde better for ccrma? i'm basically
screwed now with nothing to loose at this point - the whole
dependency thing with linux bites the big one as far as i'm
concerned. :) 

thanks for any hints...l8r...Nick