[PlanetCCRMA] terminatorX not opening wav, mp3

Mark Knecht Mark Knecht <markknecht@gmail.com>
Mon Jan 31 05:54:01 2005

On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 23:10:23 -0700, kittycat@kittycatonline.com
<kittycat@kittycatonline.com> wrote:
> I'm a pretty new CCRMA user, and a novice Linux user to boot, so the
> typical statements apply.
> I have installed the FC1 CCRMA package, and have dome some preliminary
> tinkering with Ardour. One of my favorite sound apps is terminatorX. I
> am not able to get terminatorX to recognize any sound files.
> If I attempt to open either an .mp3 or .wav file with terminatorX, I get
> "Failed to open file {path}". Just to be sure the issue isn't a
> permissions one, I did a CHMOD 777 on the .wav and .mp3s files, with no
> luck. I am running terminatorX as non-root.
> Out of frustration, I uninstalled terminatorX, and downloaded the source
> from terminatorx.cx. I was unable to build it, since there is apparently
> no gcc available via Synaptix and the Planet CCRMA FC1 disks; and I lack
> sufficient Linux knowledge to know how to get gcc on any other way other
> than my other failed attempts.
> I do suspect that was a futile effort anyway, and that the real issue
> won't be fixed by rebuilding from source.
> Does anybody have suggestions or a recipie on what I can do to get
> terminatorX to work with the CCRMA FC1 build?

Hello Kitty,
   I don't use this app so this is just a guess but it sounds like a
config issue. Maybe there's s hiden directort in your home? (ls -al
and then look for .terminatorX or something familiar. CD there and
edit the file as appropriate. There might also be a clobal config file
located in /etc or somewhere else. Possibly 'slocate terminator' could
find it.

   These are jsut guesses so don't take it too seriously, and good luck.

- Mark