[PlanetCCRMA] To the 1/3 programmers 2/3 musicians

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Fri Jan 28 04:06:01 2005

mike@banta.psyc.missouri.edu wrote:

>I suppose I'm like some of you all...with a love for audio engineering, 
>but also for music.  But in all my time w/ linux audio, I haven't found a 
>good site with songs folks have composed with linux...with all of these 
>powerful tools available, I figured I'd find examples of them being put to 
>use.  So either 1) I am a bad googler 2) People use open source resources 
>to compose closed-source music..or 3) (and most horible) everyone has, 
>like me, spent all their time on the technical side, and forgot the 
>splender of actually creating.
>So, can anyone point me to some collection of linux-created works?
Try these :



You can also try looking through the Linux Audio Users mail list 
archive, but unfortunately its Search capability is currently broken. :(