[PlanetCCRMA] sata hard drives ,ardour and planet 2.6.10 kernel

Daniel Dillon danielddil@yahoo.com
Tue Jan 25 13:11:02 2005

I recently tried to install a maxtor 120 gig sata hard
drive on my del 400sc 2.4 p4 server and there were
some weird sound glitches when I was recording and 
some drop offs. Also the bios was bit confused ( it
kept looking for the NTLDR file when I am not running
any form of windows NT on the machine nor is it a dual
boot machine it is a pure linux box with the 2.6.10
ccrma kernel with the realtime module ( thanks to
Fernando and all the other folks who helped with
that)). I love the fast performance of sata  as I use
a data base server with sata and it just screams. It
is also a genuine intel board with  2.4gig p4. Both
machines have 800mhz system buses and each have 512
ddr memory. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Both boards have built in sata contollers.