[PlanetCCRMA] kernel without wireless support?

Ketil Thorgersen linuxuadio@rytmisk.net
Tue Jan 25 03:35:01 2005

Hi everyone

The planet is now installed on my laptop, and mandrake has been replaced 
for the first time in years (due to something fishy with acpi support I 
never managed to fix)
Anyway - I have a intel 2200 wireless network installed in this box, and 
I have managed to get it to work with the newest kernel from fedora. 
With the ccrma kernels there has been no success however. Hardware is 
not found is the message I get when I try to initialize it after booting 
with the latest ccrma kernels. Is this broken or should it be like that 
or have I done something stupid (probably the latter..)

Best regards and thanks a lot!