[PlanetCCRMA] MMC/clock or MTC sync anyone?

Louis van Dompselaar louis@dompselaar.org
Mon Jan 24 13:33:01 2005

> I did not, but when I try to it doesn't check for me. Can you check
> this box? All the upper boxes say seq. REceive MIDI parameter contol
> is red. The others won't check. Maybe I need to do something in
> .ardourrc first?

Yes, I got it checked.
I removed all mention of direct midi ports in the .ardourcc, leaving only
alsa/sequencer.  I could then link Ardour midi in to my midi port in
qjackctl's connect window (I couldn't when the hardware ports were still
listed in .ardourrc)
After I had midi in connected, I could check the MMC box and select
sync to MTC.