[PlanetCCRMA] hardware advice

Chris Synan csynan@dataworlds.com
Mon Jan 24 06:50:02 2005


Now that I have built a PlanetCCRMA box and I am beginning to know the
tools, I am looking at upgrading my hardware.

I would like to solicit comments, suggestions, advice, etc. from all of

I am on a budget, and am probably looking at AMD processors.  I am
curious, is there any advantage to the 64 bit processors?  are any of
these apps optimized for 64 bit?  I will probably be using ardour and
jack the most.

Also I will probably be shooting for about a gig of memory (do i need
more?) and looking at SATA drives ($$ new) or using SCSI drives (i
already have 2x 20 gig) in software raid (stripe) configuration.

If it would be beneficial, I could use the new drive for recording
(scratch disk) and an old drive for the system - if there is a
performance boost by keeping them separate.