[PlanetCCRMA] CCRMA on a laptop

Rick B zajelo3@cfl.rr.com
Thu Jan 13 18:30:01 2005

Andres Cabrera wrote:

> Hi,
> I said earlier:
>> I have an Echo Mona Laptop card which is working well, but requires 
>> around 20ms latency for no xruns. (11ms produces an xrun every 30 min 
>> or so, and less is unusable).
> but today I found a recommendation to turn of the battery monitor. 
> Though I run fluxbox, I tend to have gkrellm always on the side to 
> help me mount my firewire drives. Disabling it made it possible to run 
> at 5.8 ms latency, for 8 hours without xruns (very promising).
> Cheers,
> Andrés
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    This brings up a good point. I used to set up Windows based DAWs at 
a small midi store here in Orlando, and I would always make sure to ask 
if the customer was going to use the machine for anything besides audio 
work, so I would know what I could remove or turn off. Linux machines 
are no different in this aspect, as the more bells and whistles stuff 
you can turn off the better. So I was wondering if anyone knows if 
"hotplug" continually polls to find out if a new device has been 
attached? If so is there a selective way to turn it off and on?

                Rick B