[PlanetCCRMA] [OT] NVIDIA drivers on > 2.6.8 kernel [was: what's the best distro - RH9, FCn?]

Shayne O'Connor forums@machinehasnoagenda.com
Mon Jan 10 12:32:02 2005

Matt Barber wrote:

>On the other hand, if you want a quick fix, you can always put "modprobe
>nvidia" in your /etc/rc.local   .... the udev way is almost certainly
>better, though.
>->> if you can do without 3d acceleration, i'd definitely take the
>plunge> and do a fedora core 2 installation with the latest kernels -
>fc3 might> be a tad ambitious right now :)
>I'm running Nvidia drivers without any problems on Fedora Core 3 and I
>see no reason why you couldn't either. I followed these instructions to
>get Nvidia drivers work after I had installed Planet CCRMA FC3 kernel.
>Make a backup copy of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file before trying this
>Here's how: (instructions taken from The Unofficial Fedora FAQ)
>   1. Get the lastest linux drivers.
>   2. Now print this out, or write it down, because we're going to close
>X, the graphical part of Linux.
>   3. Open a Terminal.
>   4. Become root:
>      su -
>   5. Shut down X:
>      init 3
>   6. Now, you will have a "Login:" prompt. Log in as root and go to the
>directory where you downloaded the nVidia drivers.
>   7. Type:
>      sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6106-pkg*.run
>   8. Type:
>      cp -a /dev/nvidia* /etc/udev/devices/
>   9. Type:
>      chown root: /etc/udev/devices/nvidia*
>  10. Follow nVidia's instructions to set up the driver. (Read the
>  11. Type:
>      modprobe nvidia
>  12. You can now restart X by typing:
>      init 5
>Notice also that you will have to go through these steps each time you
>decide to upgrade your kernel.
>Hope you can make it work!
>Some related websites:
same situation for me using this method on fedora core 2 - the latest
(6629) driver loads, but only gets to printing the splash screen - at
which point, a few of the desktop items are printed beneath it, but
that's as far as it goes ...

however, this is for the nvidia forums ...