[PlanetCCRMA] rh9-fc3: updated: the common lisp world and snd

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Jan 9 16:38:01 2005

Hi all, big update, long time coming....

The Common Lisp World (CM/CLM/CMN) and Snd are both now available under
Fedora Core 3 and have been updated on RedHat 9 and Fedora Core 1 and 2.

Quite a few changes, as you will see. 

* CMUCL updated to 2004.11 snapshot [*]
* SBCL added (version 0.8.16)
* Clisp updated to version 2.33.2-1

* CLM has been upgraded to version 3 dated 2004.12.20
  (Note: the clm package is now based on CLM 3)
* CMN has been upgraded, tarball dated 2005.01.06
* CM has been rebuilt (release 2.4.2-3)

* a CLM2 end-of-life package has been added for composers that cannot
  migrate immediately to CLM version 3 (the current CLM package). No
  support can be expected on this one...

(wow, 104 packages overall!)
This is the current support matrix for lisps and packages:

       cm   clm  cmn  clm2
CMUCL  x    x    x    x
SBCL        x    x
Clisp  x         x    x

So, at this point I would recommend CMUCL...

* Slime version 1.0-1 has been added. It is now the preferred method for
  running any of the Common Lisp environments under emacs or xemacs. 

See a very brief outline of what you need to do to use slime in the
Common Music page at Planet CCRMA. 


* Snd and friends updated to version 7.9 dated 01/07/2005

-- Fernando

[*] this CMUCL lisp image will break Open Music for Linux. Regretfully
OMlinux is not being maintained right now so it will be taken to the
"attic" at Planet CCRMA. Hopefully at some point in the future it will
catch up with the newer lisp versions...