[PlanetCCRMA] stupid newbi question concering low latency

mike@banta.psyc.missouri.edu mike@banta.psyc.missouri.edu
Fri Jan 7 21:24:01 2005

Sorry guys, I have a lot of these, but no where else to turn ) ;

My compaq box will not boot the low-lat ccrma kernel for RH9, and will not 
install FC3.  I'm running the caps kernel, and jack+ardour will run with 
many, albeit inaudible xruns...with a very high delay (c 85ms).  

So, say I have guitar, drums..etc. laid down, and want to overdub vocals.  
If I do without monitoring, and just play the pre-recoreded tracks to the 
singer's headphones...will there be a timing difference between the 
recorded tracks and what he/she is singing?  In other words, if the singer 
is timing with the tracks ardour is playing with a delay, should I need to 
delay all the tracks, save the vocals, to get them in sync?

Thank you all...my problems are many and far from sparse,