[PlanetCCRMA] Other upgrade questions

M P Smoak smoak@mis.net
Fri Jan 7 04:32:01 2005

I'm following the thread that dp started; I'm also at using rh9/pccrma.
Started with rh8/pccrma and upgraded by using a new partition for rh9,
keeping the rh8 partition and able to boot into it.  I'm glad I did it 
that way.  But have a few questions before I move up to fc3;  I'm sure 
the answers are simple but I have found them and I've looked.

1)  Email, old mailboxes.  I use Kmail and like it.  Can Kmail (or any
other mail program) in rh9 be used to read my old mailboxes on the rh8
partition?  No discussion on the Kmail site that I can find and I googled 
many times with no joy.  In general, how do you maintain email history
over upgrades?  

2)  Say I decide to move my personal directories from rh8 partition to 
rh9 partition so that I can repartition and use the space for a fc3 install.
What, besides directories I've created and mailboxes, should I copy over to
rh9 partition?  

Thanks for any answers, pointers, general principles or comments.

Marv   in Lex. KY  with insomnia