[PlanetCCRMA] multiple card synching

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Fri Feb 25 10:52:03 2005

> My memory is fuzzy about this, it was a while ago (two, three years?) I
> imagine by now the firmware is "stable" :-) I think they initially were
> going to ship me a board but then decided a whole unit was easier.
> Beware, I don't know if it can do 24/96 over adat (or spdif for that
> matter), I only used it for 16 transfers, I think.
> > Then could you please tell me if you ever made some sample rate
> > quality test and its results?
> Sorry, I did not do any tests, just used it. If my memory serves me all
> spdif inputs are sample rate converted, regretfully I don't remember the
> chips that were used but I did look them up and thought the specs were
> pretty good. If needed I could try to find the unit, we are in a
> temporary location while our main building is renovated and I don't
> really know where it is stored.

Hi Fernando,

I sent a mail to Z-sys asking some clarifications: hope to receive a quick
In case you are not using your z-8.8a anymore ad CCRMA, are you interested
in selling it?:-)