[PlanetCCRMA] multiple card synching

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Thu Feb 24 15:19:01 2005

> I looked at the AP2496 running under Win XP. It offers sync to spdif
> in as an option. That said there should be no reason that it's
> technically impossible to do it under Alsa, presuming that the
> technical information is available to the driver maintainer.
> There is also an option under XP that should be very interesting to
> you if it could be brought to Linux. It is greyed out on my system,
> probably because I have a single AP2496, but it says:
> MultiTrack Driver Devices
> - Multiple Card Sync
> Sounds interesting. Maybe do some Googling on that.
> Cheers,
> Mark

Is AP2496 based on Envy24 chipset?
In this case I remember I found on the web that no Envy24 chipset based
cards can be internally synched under Linux with actual ALSA release.
I remember a post here by Fernando writing he usually used s/pdif connection
to synch different M-Audio 1010 cards, because internal sync option was
broken :-(