[PlanetCCRMA] multiple card synching

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Thu Feb 24 15:24:01 2005


> > I contacted the ICE1712 mantainer and author, but I had the feeling he
> > not interested adding this capabilities to ICE1712 driver.
> > I'll give another try!
> Please do. I guess I should write him also since I have an AP2496 and
> would like all features to be supported. Also, I have no idea whether
> the AP2496 supports spdif sync or not.

I think if more requested are sent we get more chance to have this feature
I mailed Jaroslav Kysela (perex_at_suse.cz): I think he is the ICE1712
mantainer, but I am not sure, I didn't find direct infos on the web
regarding ICE1712 mantainer.

> One last idea that comes to mind is there *may* be some work going on
> to allow multiple copies of Jack to run at the same time with each
> talkign to a separate sound card. If this was the case then you may be
> able to run them unsynced, each handling it's own data, and then
> recombine the data using software. In your case I think we know that
> all three data channels will produce the correctl amount of data and
> that it's just the transmission that is a problem. If this is the case
> then there may be some way to handle much of this in software, again
> assuming that you can find some low end spgif cards that are supported
> under Linux.
> Interesting problem... ;-)

I think it can't be done like this: the problem is due to soundcard buffer,
which after some time goes empty and the system locks.
More I have the "clicks" problem, which wouldn't be solved running more jack

Hard problem...:-)