[PlanetCCRMA] soundblaster live resampling?

Crispin crispin@tropic.org.uk
Mon Feb 14 02:45:02 2005

> > This can be avoided so long as you *always* run jack and use
> > audio at 48KHz, which I do, and it's fine.

Sorry, I think I misphrased that - I meant that if one runs jack, it should
be at 48KHz.

To reproduce the bug, try:
1. starting jack at 44100Hz
2. opening up Muse and recording audio for ~5 minutes
3. if you haven't heard it yet - keep adding (stereo) audio tracks and
   record on each for ~5 minutes (full duplex).  On my system I'd
   be fairly certain of hearing the dreaded crackle before or on 
   track 5.

I'm not sure about not using jack, because I don't not use it :)
My system is a 733MHz Celeron, running RH9 kernel 2.4, though is currently
broken so I can 't test anything!  Maybe the steps above need midi action to
trigger the crackle too.  However once it starts, it's not just a pop or
two, it's a permenant loud crackle.