[PlanetCCRMA] Cdrom images

Jean Batrel jean.batrel@voila.fr
Mon Feb 14 02:53:01 2005

Hi all !

Can I ask you, Fernando : are you planning new releases for the cdrom images (RedHat updates and Planet CCRMA) ?
I know you are very busy...
My difficulty is : I have a slow internet connection at home but I can easily download CDs at my office and must fully reinstall my RedHat 9... Perhaps you can add this in the pipeline ?

I have another question : is the Fedora Core 2 problem (in a dual boot configuration with Windows) solved in Fedora Core 3 ?

Finally, a new version of aeolus is out : aeolus-0.3.1 (and stops-0.1.1).

I apologize my bad English and thank you, Fernando, for your very hard work ! 



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