[PlanetCCRMA] JACK isn't getting realtime

Jon B epxcv1y02@sneakemail.com
Sun Feb 13 16:53:01 2005

The IO version.  stereo in and out.  Mind you, I've only had it for a
day, but I like it so far.  I measured with RMAA (windoze).   109 dB
dynamic range.  The noise floor has some spikeys and whines, but it's
really far down.  20 dB better than the internal sound card with both
at 16-bit, and 36 dB with the indigo at 24-bit.  THD is much better. 
crosstalk is much better.  frequency response is within 0.5 dB to 20
kHz.  (the internal sound card has chebyshev filtering or something so
it ripples at high freq.)  also the internal is only mono in, so
basically useless.  i can post graphs if you want.  i should learn how
to use jaaa.

i didn't look into alsamixer too in depth.  i think everything's
accessible, but it's not labeled or organized well.  there's also
sliders for "VU meter"  which i assume don't do anything.  the left
channel is over here and the right channel is way over there kind of
thing.  will this get fixed over time?  can i file bug reports and
tell them where to put and label everything nicely when i figure it

in windows there's a control panel program that changes things that
aren't accessible with the windows mixer like hardware monitoring.  i
was able to turn that off in linux, too, (with some generically
labeled slider like "level 1") so i think everything's there, but i
don't even know what "everything" is yet.

On Sun, 13 Feb 2005 16:53:11 -0500, Janina Sajka janina-at-rednote.net
|planet ccrma| <...> wrote:
> > On Sat, 2005-02-12 at 21:14, Jon B wrote:
> > > (I got my Echo Indigo IO card today, and it seems to work nicely.)
> > >
> May I ask which Indigo you got?
> I presume you can get at all the mixing params via amixer?
> I'm putting a new portable together and considering whether I'd be happy
> with the old output only, or whether I even want the two output DJ
> card--so watching your progress with great interest.
> Thanks.