[PlanetCCRMA] planetedge kernels and POSIX semaphores

Charlls Quarra charlls_quarra@yahoo.com.ar
Thu Aug 4 18:22:01 2005


I've installed 2.4.26-1.ll. Looking in the config file
i can't find a config option for enabling or
configuring Posix semaphores. Any knows where can i
learn about these options? Are they enabled in the
kernel?. Im trying some basic shared memory code and i
get errors like "sem_open: function not

On a related issue, what is the apt-get handle for
planetedge kernels? is possible to try out 2.6 kernels
in my RH9 system?


Running on:
1.5 Ghz P4
asus v800x chipset
RH9 CCRMA-patched linux


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