[PlanetCCRMA] FC2 Bleeding Edge install question

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Tue Sep 28 13:10:00 2004

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 11:28, Mark Knecht wrote:
>>I see three potential 'bleeding edge' kernels - the one you referenced 
>>ending with .1vP9.rhfc2.ccrma, but also two others - .1vP0 and .1vQ3. Do 
>>I still want .1vP9 as referenced in your emails?
> That would be my choice as it is the latest that I tested in more
> detail. Actually Q3 is the latest but I did not test it that much. I
> also have R9 which I should release today. Just yesterday I built S7 but
> I have not been able to test much either... Things are moving too fast
> :-)
>>Once these (kernel and matching Alsa) are installed it is my 
>>understanding that I remove the planetedge option from sources.list?
> That's best. You can leave it there, of course, it is seldom used. 
> -- Fernando

OK, the kernel is installed and the machine rebooted successfully. I 
turned on and checked preemption values as per your email. Everything 
looked fine there.

The machine sat idle except the screensaver through lunch. I'm just now 
looking at what's going on. Keep in mind that I have not configured Alsa 
yet. This info is very raw. None the less the kernel boots and doesn't 
look buggy just yet... ;-)

First problem is that I'm getting burned by the default Fedora 
installation of the firewall and cannot ssh into the machine. Do you 
know how to either open port 22 in the firewall or to disable the 
firewall completely?

Taking a quick look at dmesg I see a number of ugly messages concerning 
the onboard ATI sound chip, one of them being some sort of threaded IRQ 
message about IRQ5. Following that I see lots of codec timeout messages. 
Not to worry until I look at the actual Alsa config files.

Looking at /proc/interrupts it seems that most stuff is there. The sound 
chip is on IRQ 10 shared with USB and cardbus stuff, neither of which do 
I expect to make much use of.

One good first step is that the 1394 drivers loaded. The FC2 core didn't 
do that for me. Thanks for turning that on as external hard drives are 
important. Unfortunately I attached a 1394 drive and I see no indication 
in dmesg that it was recognized. I'll check mor eon that later.

Once I get the firewall turned off I'll be able to share more data.