[PlanetCCRMA] acpi and 2.6.7

Rick B zajelo3@cfl.rr.com
Fri Nov 12 19:11:01 2004

Matthew Allen wrote:

>I am running FC2 with the 2.6.7 low latency kernel
>(2.6.7-1.437.1.ll.rhfc2.ccrma) on a sager np3790 laptop. So far
>everything is stellar. I have been able to get ntfs support into the
>kernel and my touch pad has pretty much full support. There is one
>thing that I am trying to get me head around and I thought I would ask
>the list.
>It appears from looking at lsmod that I have kernel modules for
>button, battery, ac and asus_acpi. I am pretty much a noob when it
>comes to acpi (this is my first laptop) and I am thourghly confused by
>the myriad of acpi/apm how-to's out there. Most of them concentrate on
>getting stuff into the kernel, but not on setting up the acpi stuff
>once it is in. Basically It feels like my machine gets a lot hotter
>under linux than it does when I boot into windows. I know that acpi
>has a temperature module, but I am assuming that it wasn't built as a
>seperate module for this kernel? I took a look at menuconfig for the
>kernel, and it said temperature was compiled in, but when I look at
>/proc/acpi/therma_zone its empty. Is this normal? Do I have to set it
>up myself? Is there a concise end user resource that I keep missing in
>my searches?
>I think I am wearing out google.com/linux
>PlanetCCRMA mailing list
You need to see if you have laptop mode enabled. Do a "cat 
/proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode" (no quotes) if it returns a 1 it's already on, 
if it returns a 0 you can turn it on by doing a " echo 1 > 
/proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode". If you add that line to your 
"/etc/rc.d/rc.local" file it will also start laptop mode next time you 
reboot. Here's a link to what it does:


I noticed last kernel I compiled that there is also some sort of cpu 
throttler/governor available in the 2.6 kernel but I don't know how to 
turn it on. Just figured I'd mention it in case you wanted to look it up.

                    Rick B