[PlanetCCRMA] AlmusVCU installing on FC1 PlanetCcrma

Michele Spinolo michele.spinolo@tin.it
Fri Nov 12 11:35:02 2004

> The origin of the gpm package is not Planet CCRMA, it is an original
> Fedora Core package (and there are no updates from Fedora Core that I
> know of). Maybe you should report this problem to the Fedora Core
> bugzilla gub tracking system.
> I try very hard to not override original RedHat/Fedora packages.
> How do you know it does not have the patch? Have you looked at the
> source?

When I compile AlmusVCU uncommenting the proper line in Makefile to add GPM
support it complains GPM needs wheel patch which is actually not present.

The fact is that without imps/2 mice (which I did not understand if imps/2
is a hw requisite your mouse needs to accomply, or you can configure your
mouse to work with imps/2) it is impossible to control AlmusVCU by mouse (it
goes completly crazy, opening windows and so on) and you have to do it by
So I was tring to use GPM to solve this problem.

> I don't know about this one without trying it out myself. It depends on
> whether the kernel module was compiled successfully or not, and what
> mechanism is being used to load it into the kernel (meaning, the kernel
> will not load it by itself, something else must be loading it - when
> that happens, do you get an error message?).

When I run AlmusVCU configuring it to use svgalib it complains that
svgalib_helper module is not loaded: i found this page
(http://easymamecab.mameworld.net/html/svgalib.htm) with some information
about this problem, i used gcc 3.2.3 (the same used to compile the kernel),
but at the end of compiling I have an error message which tells the kernel
is not capable of module loading, and suggest to recompile the kernel adding
this capabilities.
I find difficoult to compile gcc, svgalib and so on....quite worried about
kernel compiling!:-P