[PlanetCCRMA] compiling from source with gcc/g++ on Fedora Core 1

Dave Phillips dlphilp@bright.net
Wed May 26 07:32:01 2004

Hi Paul:

  Perhaps you need to install the GCC devel package ? I suggest using 
the Synaptic GUI for apt-get, it can give you a good visual map of what 
you do and don't have installed on your system, and it makes it very 
easy to update individual packages. See the PlanetC pages for more info 
on apt-get and Synaptic.



Paul Barrett wrote:

>I apologise if this belongs on another list.
>I am attempting to compile a c++ program on linux for the
>first time.  I have a slightly customised install of the
>planetCCRMA FC1 release (with which I have so far been very
>Unfortunately, I don't recall if there were options to
>install or not install gcc/g++ during installation, or what
>I would have selected at the time.
>I get the following error on trying to compile:
>"installation problem, cannot exec `cc1plus': No such file
>or directory"
>I can't find cc1plus anywhere on the system.  I also can't
>find g++ (which is what was used in the Makefile,) although
>I found references online that it had been included now in
>newer versions of gcc (which, I assume, means you no longer
>call it using g++ - that command was unrecognised.)
>I've tried a couple of things I've found online, to no
>avail.  I suspect the real problem here is a complete lack
>of cc1plus.exe, so perhaps my installation of gcc is not
>any help is much appreciated, even if just a pointer to a
>good guide on setting up and using gcc.
>is there a different compiler I could use on linux that
>would be worth checking into?
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