[PlanetCCRMA] State of Multimedia art

Guy Clotilde guy.clotilde@wanadoo.fr
Tue May 25 00:28:01 2004

On Sun, 23 May 2004 01:11:10 -0500, Brian Fahrlander wrote / a écrit:

>     But seeing the really, really, awful state of things like "Sound
> Recorder" (it can't generate legal .wav files, fer cryin' out loud!)
> things don't bode well for something to do the same thing with video.
>     Is there any way to do this, without starting with a $700 HandiCam
> first?  I need sound and video, both...

I'm not sure to fully understand... If you wand to record sound, there is a lot of very good tools (ecasound, arecord, etc...).
Talking about video, I don't know much because I don't record any video yet. I think that Sound+video may be done with cinelarra:


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