[PlanetCCRMA] Oxygen 8 and Fedora CCRMA ???

Peter Howard pjh@coastal.net.au
Mon Jun 28 00:18:01 2004

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On Sat, 2004-06-26 at 21:36, luigi rensinghoff wrote:
> Hi !!!
> Yes it does work... The tutorials are ok but you have
> to use the old version of midisport_firmware i think
> it is 0.2
> i included it as attachment.

Thanks.  That made the difference.  The keyboard is now seen and I had
no trouble connecting in to fluidsynth.

It has shown up another problem, but that's unrelated to the keyboard
and the subject for a different post.

Thanks again.

> Right now i dont have the setup running so i cannot
> help you much further with the configuration and so
> on.
> It produces some clicks, so i am thinking to switch to
> the midi connection instead of usb....but now first
> holidays...
> But at least you know: IT DOES WORK, there might be
> some errors appearing with apt-get/synaptic concerning
> the version of hotplug
> Cheers
> Luigi
> 	=09
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