[PlanetCCRMA] No sound from SB Live!

Tom Olson tjolson@verizon.net
Tue Jun 15 11:51:02 2004

Ugh... things appear to be working....
I was testing for sound by trying to play a CD. I had not installed 
anything like AlsaPlayer and was using the generic "CD Player" app. 
(which still doesn't work). I tried the "Sound Recorder" app. next, and 
it recorded and played back, so I knew something had changed. I then 
installed the audio apps., I tried AlsaPlayer, and it works. So perhaps 
it WAS the new "modules.conf" generated from Agnula, and discovering 
other ways to test. I just tried "aplay" which did not work in earlier 
installs as a test, and it works.

Sorry, it appears I may wasted your time. But for now,  I have all these 
really cool, and confusing audio apps. to figure out.

Thanks for your time.