[PlanetCCRMA] root vs capabilities

Mark Knecht mknecht@controlnet.com
Tue Jun 1 11:50:03 2004

R Parker wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> With Gentoo, I was using vanilla kernels and patching
> them with LL, Love and capability.

I keep forgetting this, but I think that my suggestion was not a good 
suggestion on a Planet machine. If you build your own kernel then you 
are likely to break compatibilty with Fernando's apt database. As I see 
the Planet distro (like Redhat) it's pretty much all or nothing. Best 
bet is to stick with Fernando's stuff and figure out the cause.

> I have to suspect this Radeon 9500 card as being the
> most likely culprit.


> There is another issue. I used to run this hardware
> setup with dual processors. I stopped doing this
> because there seems to be a bios bug that causes a
> conflict between the 66mhz pci bus and dual CPUs. By
> removing one CPU it eliminates an IRQ conflict between
> the CPUs that caused ceasures during the bios stage of
> the boot and lockups if I could get through a boot. I
> never tried to force 33mhz on the bus.
> Even with one CPU I've never noticed the total
> percentage of use as being problematic. I guess this
> is something else to watch a little closer.
> Oh, the reason for me to want the 66mhz but is because
> my raid controler can take advantage.

Sure, as long as the RAID controller is by itself on that 66MHz. If you 
plug any 33MHz card onto the same bus then the chipset will slow the 
66MHz to 33MHz.

> Is latencytest part of CCRMA? I tried compiling that
> from tar but get the "can't stat *.png" messages. If I
> recall that was the libld. Maybe there's an issue with
> it?

I don't think it is but I never had real trouble with latencytest. I 
think there are two ways to run it and that message came from running it 
only one way, but it's been a while since I tried.