[PlanetCCRMA] Help! Can't use ardour any more!

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jul 24 11:05:01 2004

On Sat, 2004-07-24 at 09:44, Nathaniel Virgo wrote:
> I did manage to get the older version of ardour back in the end with 
> `apt-get install ardour=11.2` but I'd still be interested to hear if 
> other people are experiencing the same problems with text widgets not 
> working and regions not being able to be moved.  I find it hard to imagine 
> that the developers could have failed to notice these problems before 
> making the release so I think it may be a problem with my setup (see below).

No, I don't think it is your setup, at least for some of the problems.
The tempo map bug is about to be fixed (I saw postings on the ardour

> R Parker wrote
> >
> >Paul has issued a warning that users should be very
> >careful about opening older sessions in newer versions
> >of Ardour. The session file format has changed. Older
> >session files are supposed to open but then their
> >format will be changed to work with the newer Ardour
> >release.
> >
> >If you want to run newer releases of Ardour, you
> >should keep the version around that was used to create
> >the session and you should keep backups of the
> >session.
> I do make regular backups so most of my sessions are okay, although the
> most important one seems to be broken now.

Supposedly the newer ardour should be able to open old sessions, I would
post a bug to the ardour-dev list (another Planet CCRMA user just posted
about this as well). 
> >There are many good reasons to run the newest
> >available releases of Ardour.
> I know, but they're outweighed if the newest release isn't useable.
> >Fernando does a heck of a job keeping up with Ardour
> >releases. When a release is fairly usable, he sticks
> >with it awhile. 

Well, this time it looks like I waited too long :-(

> >If you want to be ahead of his
> >releases and you're able to build the source, download
> >and build the latest tar ball.  You can run the binary
> >directly without doing 'make install'. I don't recall
> >if there's a script for doing that but the binary is
> >located in ardour/gtk_ardour/ardour
> The new version I installed was from Planet CCRMA, not from source.  
> The version I have installed from source is newer than 11.2 but older 
> than 18.2 because I was doing exactly what you said, except that I found 
> I had to run make install to get it to work.  I think this installed some 
> GUI config stuff that might be what's causing me problems now. 

It could be. But that is strange, I think you are supposed to be able to
run ardour from the directory in which it was built (the install should
have been done to a different root directory, I guess). 

> I was under the impression that ardour is to be kept up-to-date from now on, 

That is correct. 

> which is good, but if it's at all possible it might be a good idea to be 
> able to install beta11.2 as a seperate package with a differently-named 
> binary so that people can have the choice of a definately stable version 
> if they want. 

That was my original intention. Regretfully I did not have time to
finish doing that (long story) and the feedback from the list when I
posted the question of whether to upgrade the package was positive. 

> I'd like to keep things how they are now because it works 
> but I would like to be able to install the latest versions of ardour from 
> Planet CCRMA as well because of all the new features.  Perhaps I should 
> just find a tarball of 11.2 and install that alongside the new Planet 
> CCRMA releases.

I'll see if I can create a "buggy but oldie" package for 11.2... I tried
but it was not trivial. 

-- Fernando