[PlanetCCRMA] Help! Can't use ardour any more!

R Parker rtp405@yahoo.com
Sat Jul 24 08:08:01 2004

--- Nathaniel Virgo <nathaniel.virgo@ntlworld.com>
> Hi,
> I just did an update and got the new ardour. 
> Unfortunately there seem to be some very serious
> bugs that make it impossible for me to use it,
> namely that it segfaults when loading any of my
> sessions, I can't drag regions around, many of the
> text entry widgets just don't work so I can't change
> the tempo etc. and the drop-down selectors in
> plugins like the TAP reverb don't select the right
> value.

Paul has issued a warning that users should be very
careful about opening older sessions in newer versions
of Ardour. The session file format has changed. Older
session files are supposed to open but then their
format will be changed to work with the newer Ardour

If you want to run newer releases of Ardour, you
should keep the version around that was used to create
the session and you should keep backups of the

There are many good reasons to run the newest
available releases of Ardour.

> Is anyone else having these problems or are they a
> quirk of my system (I have a slightly older version
> of ardour installed from source that I was running
> alongside the old CCRMA version, maybe that could
> cause some of it?), and is there any way to get the
> old version back so I can make some music?  I'm on a
> roll at the moment so I really really really need a
> working version.

Fernando does a heck of a job keeping up with Ardour
releases. When a release is fairly usable, he sticks
with it awhile. If you want to be ahead of his
releases and you're able to build the source, download
and build the latest tar ball.  You can run the binary
directly without doing 'make install'. I don't recall
if there's a script for doing that but the binary is
located in ardour/gtk_ardour/ardour

Again, be careful with your older versions.


> thanks
> Nathaniel.
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