[PlanetCCRMA] sequencer and drums?

Björn Elenfors bjorn.elenfors@esdg.se
Wed Jul 7 12:46:01 2004

Hi folks!

New to the list and relatively new to computerized music. 
Since I work with computers I use music to get away
from it all (clips at http://amp-rocks.com/ ) but
now I'm combining it after all.... :-)

Since my current computer is a bit weak for full time hard
disk recording, I want to do the following:

- Run a midi sequencer on the Linux computer
- Let the sequencer control a drum machine (or drum sounds in a
  sample player or something similar) on the Linux computer.
- Have midi synchornisation with my Digital Recorder (Fostex VF160).

What sequencer software and what drum machine do you guys
recommend on the Linux computer?