[PlanetCCRMA] sequencer and drums?

R Parker rtp405@yahoo.com
Thu Jul 8 02:28:01 2004

--- Björn_Elenfors <bjorn.elenfors@esdg.se> wrote:
> Hi folks!
> New to the list and relatively new to computerized
> music. 
> Since I work with computers I use music to get away
> from it all (clips at http://amp-rocks.com/ ) but
> now I'm combining it after all.... :-)
> Since my current computer is a bit weak for full
> time hard
> disk recording, I want to do the following:
> - Run a midi sequencer on the Linux computer
Rosegarden or Muse

> - Let the sequencer control a drum machine (or drum
> sounds in a
>   sample player or something similar) on the Linux
> computer.

> - Have midi synchornisation with my Digital Recorder
> (Fostex VF160).
Not sure. I didn't see MTC in Rosegarden and didn't
get that far with Muse. I wasn't able to get
Rosegarden to respond to incoming MMC. I didn't spend
alot of time trying so it's probably just user

> What sequencer software and what drum machine do you
> guys
> recommend on the Linux computer? 

I didn't have any joy with Muse within my 30 second
attention span but had Ardour and Rosegarden working
very quickly. I'm gonna take another shot at Muse

Sync to jack
no timebase master
External MMC

timebase master

This enables JACKD to handle syncronization for Ardour
and Rosegarden. A timbase master must exist but any
client in the JACK graph can initiate transport
instructions. Ardour JACK slave seems to be working. I
send MMC from a hardware mixer to Ardour. This gives
transport, fader gain and track mute control. I don't
think it would be a problem to add Hydrogen into the
graph and have it behave appropriately.

Regarding sync protocols; Ardour can chase MTC but
there's one gotcha left in there that really needs
fixing before it's usable.

While I'm not explaining how to do any of this, it
could give you some insite for applications to begin
with. Lots of fun stuff.


> /Björn
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