[PlanetCCRMA] alsa settings

des1gner@optusnet.com.au des1gner@optusnet.com.au
Thu Jan 29 17:45:03 2004

It still exhibits the same symptoms, however the alsamixer settings 
seem to allow quite a lot of gain over unity gain, so I am assuming 
it is just the self-noise of the hardware when its cranked up. 
However, when doing my 'xmms test' it does disappear before the file 
begins playing, at a high/distorted level.  It is odd though that it 
goes away fo about 100msec before the audio comes in.  Seems like a 
question for the alsa list...thanks for the help in any case.

At 17.16 -0800 29.01.04, Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
>>  I have a slightly annoying, but seemingly harmless problem with my 
>>alsa settings.
>>  It seems when I boot, at the point where 'restoring sound driver settings'
>>  happens, quite a lot of hiss comes out of my audio out.  It stays 
>>at its amplitude
>>  until I launch pd, at which point it goes away (before I start 
>>audio).  I can also
>>  start xmms and the hiss goes away only when I play the first file, 
>>not when I
>>  launch the app.  Any clues anyone?  This isn't the normal hiss 
>>from the noisefloor
>>  of my cheap card, its quite loud.  I can hear it from the built in 
>>piezo speaker
>>  in my laptop from across the room.
>I would try resetting the mixer setup and recreating it. Change the name
>of the mixer state file (/etc/asound.state) so that alsa does not see it
>anymore (or move the file somewhere else). Stop alsa and start it again.
>All channels should be muted and volume should be 0. Hopefully at this
>point you won't hear hiss. Set volumes again with alsamixer or gamix.
>Save the state with "/usr/sbin/alsactl store".
>-- Fernando
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