[PlanetCCRMA] Re: a note for Fedora Core 1 users

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jan 12 10:52:01 2004

> > Hi, something seems to be different in Fedora Core 1 with regards to how
> > rpm (and/or apt, I have a newer version of apt available for fc1 than
> > for the rest) treats "Obsoletes:" and "Conflicts:" tags. If you do a
> > "dist-ugprade" you will probably hit conflicts with the pd external name
> > changes I just made, for example rpm will say:
> > 
> >   pd-flext conflicts with flext and cannot be installed
> > 
> > or something to that effect, and the upgrade will fail. 
> > 
> > [I have both Obsoletes and Conflicts tags in the new pd-flext package
> > that obsolete (and conflict) with the old flext package. In all previous
> > RedHat versions the effect is that flext is erased and pd-flext
> > installed in its place. For some reason that does not happen in FC1.]
> Yes, you should remove the Conflicts: and keep the Obsoletes:

I tried that last week (as a last test before releasing anyway), and did
not work either. Apt/rpm would still try to install pd-flext and the rpm
update process would not erase flext. It fails with "conflicting files"
for both packages (as if the Obsoletes: has no effect). 

> The difference to previous rpm/apt pairs is that now everything
> happens in one transaction, while before apt was first removing the
> Conflicts and then adding the new rpms. Now the new rpms are
> conflicting with the old ones.

I don't think my apt is that new. Using rpm alone in RedHat *.* (no apt)
"rpm -Uvh" of a package that had an Obsoletes would replace the
obsoleted package with the new one. That does not seem to happen anymore
in FC1 (again, using only rpm, no apt). I'll test again to make sure but
that is what I was seeing in my FC1 machine. 

-- Fernando