[PlanetCCRMA] added: even _more_ kernels; updated: rtload

Janina Sajka janina@rednote.net
Thu Dec 30 19:30:02 2004

One minor note re the RDT kernels,

The other day I said everything else on my system seemed to run OK. This
is slightly wrong. For some strange reason, named doesn't start via the
boot up process, even though it's specified on in runlevels 3 and 5 via
chkconfig. Doing 'service named start' after the boot fixes it--but iits

Not sure it means anything--and it's no problem at my end.

Yes, I'm trying to run everything on this box.

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano writes:
> Hi all, let's enter 2005 booting into yet another new kernel! (as if we
> did not have enough of them :-)
> I just released kernel version 2.6.9-2.3.rdt.rhfc2.ccrma, the Fedora
> Core 2 version of the one that I released yesterday. Regretfully Pato
> (de la Cuadra) reports that it does not solve the video binary driver
> problem. 
> But there's more....
> I also released kernel version 2.6.10-2.1.ll for Fedora Core 2 and
> Fedora Core 3. This is the stock 2.6.10 kernel with the realtime linux
> security module added (so that you can run Jack and his friends with
> realtime priority as a non-root user). 
> An "apt-get update", "apt-get dist-upgrade" will automatically take you
> (assuming you have the planetccrma-core-* package installed) to the
> safer 2.6.10 based kernel. This is the "stable" kernel so you should not
> have problems booting your machine. I would not bet on that, of course
> :-) The performance of this kernel is terms of low latency is definitely
> not as good as the more risky kernel based on 2.6.9-rc3-mm1 and Ingo's
> patches, but it should work fine on more hardware. 
> For those of you that are in a position to boot into the rdt kernels
> with no problems, I have created a new set of meta packages to install
> it and keep it up to date when new releases land on the Planet. Just:
>   apt-get install planetccrma-core-edge
> You can, of course, have both planetccrma-core and planetccrma-core-edge
> (and its smp versions) installed at the same time. 
> Another version (0.0.2) of the rtload script has been released, without
> a stupid bug in the script itself :-(
> BTW, the current kernel-module-alsa packages have a problem in the
> postuninstall script. For some unknown reason the absolute path of
> /sbin/depmod is being changed to /bin/depmod, which of course is wrong.
> I have no idea why this is happenning, I swear I have /sbin/depmod in my
> spec file. So you will get a script failure when you uninstall the
> package. Ignore it. Will be fixed in future releases but there is no way
> of retroactively fixing scripts :-)
> Enjoy!
> -- Fernando
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