[PlanetCCRMA] Re: a couple of questions re CCRMA on a network

Artem Baguinski artm@v2.nl
Fri Dec 10 10:54:03 2004

JakeHarries@aol.com writes:

> Hi I've installed CCRMA RH 9 on a couple of pcs at Access
> ====== The issues are twofold:
> (1) Can I use CCRMA as an NFS Client? Currently I have a (working!) 
> NFS server exporting /home, but when I try to mount it (from the
> client, as root):
> root$ mount /mnt/fileserver
> Then I get an RPC timeout.
> Why? Looking at the loaded modules, they include sunrpc and lockd, but
> not 'nfs' by default. However, even if I "insmod nfs" before I try to
> mount the remote filesystem, I still get the RPC timeout.
> I have other NFS clients running on the network - and they mount the
> server no problem. Yes, I have made sure I've "mkdir /mnt/fileserver"
> on the client... Is there something about CCRMA which doesn't like
> NFS? Or is there another module I should insert? Or... what?

is portmap service running?

Although it says "The portmapper manages RPC connections, which are
used by protocols such as NFS and NIS. The portmap server must be
running on machines which act as servers for protocols which make use
of the RPC mechanism." I seem to remember that I was getting RPC
timeouts on client machines as well when I didn't have portmap running
on them.

there are other services related to NFS/RPC easy to spot in 

RedHatMenu > System Settings > Server Settings > Services

the services starting from rpc all mention nfs. but look out for
others as well.

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