[PlanetCCRMA] a couple of questions re CCRMA on a network

JakeHarries@aol.com JakeHarries@aol.com
Fri Dec 10 10:13:02 2004

I've installed CCRMA RH 9 on a couple of pcs at Access Space(www.lowtech.org) in Sheffield, UK. The idea is that the P3 machines running the CCRMA low latency kernel are to be part of the network there. Can anyone help with the questions below?

Many thanks

Subj:   Planet CCRMA questions  
Date:   10/12/2004 17:17:56 GMT Standard Time   
From:   james@lowtech.org <mailto:james@lowtech.org>    
To: JakeHarries@aol.com <mailto:JakeHarries@aol.com>    

Hi Jake,

Here (below) are the two questions I have about CCRMA - if you can pass
them on to the CCRMA list I'd appreciate it!



The issues are twofold:

(1) Can I use CCRMA as an NFS Client? Currently I have a (working!) NFS
server exporting /home, but when I try to mount it (from the client, as

root$ mount /mnt/fileserver

Then I get an RPC timeout.

Why? Looking at the loaded modules, they include sunrpc and lockd, but
not 'nfs' by default. However, even if I "insmod nfs" before I try to
mount the remote filesystem, I still get the RPC timeout.

I have other NFS clients running on the network - and they mount the
server no problem. Yes, I have made sure I've "mkdir /mnt/fileserver" on
the client... Is there something about CCRMA which doesn't like NFS? Or
is there another module I should insert? Or... what?

That's issue (1) - here's issue (2)...

(2) Can I make CCRMA into a YP (NIS) Client?

I have ypbind installed on the client, and I have a (working) YP server
set up on the server. I've configured the client's /etc/yp.conf
correctly, addressing a single IP number for the server (not broadcast)
and specifying the NIS Domain. I've also set the NIS Domain on the
client in... /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

But when I...

root$ service ypbind restart

Then the client won't bind to the server, even though it knows its IP
number and the relevant NIS Domain. The problem isn't at the server end
- I have other clients that use it no problem - so why won't it bind?
>From the client I can even get this annoying message!

root$ rpcinfo -t ypserv

program 100004 version 1 ready and waiting
program 100004 version 2 ready and waiting

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