[PlanetCCRMA] 64-bit mixing - maudio duo - measuring latency

o csabi csabi.o@mailbox.hu
Sun Dec 5 05:46:01 2004


i've been using ccrma low-latency kernel and packages for a while a came
up with a few questions (hope not too many ;) i couldnt find an aswer in
the archaives or anywhere 

- 64-bit mixing (not 32-bit waves but 64) on a 32-bit(athlon system) i
would like to get an answer because i feel that one of the most imoprant
parts in making a track is the mixdown and i dont have a good analogue
mixer to route my stuff through and recently i've been seeing digital
stuff claiming 64-bit mixing 

- how can i measure latency ( read Nando's explanation of lanetcy, which
helped me to understand but i still cant measeure it ) 

- is there something that can record 96k multitrack, ardour is highly
usable im just curious ( sometimes it is said that it cant do 96k just
48k and 24bit but i read in its leaflet "IEEE 32/64 bit floating
point internal processing, sample rates from 22kHz to 192kHz") - is
anyone using an maudio duo here (usb)? how can i manage samplerates and
bit depth(it work with alsa alrite)? anyway if there is someone with
this unit i have a suggestion - im buying a cmi8378 based card with
digital i/o -no resampling-! (unlike most consumer cards) which is
capable of accepting 24bit 48k input - this would get rid of the ubs low
bandwith problem and i could use duo only as a stand-alone converter and

thanks in advance, 


ps please dont reply that i dont need to use 96k ;)