[PlanetCCRMA] [FW] Re: [PD] Install Pidip on Planet CCRMA Fedora Core

derek holzer derek@x-i.net
Thu Apr 29 03:17:01 2004

Hi Planet CCRMA netizens,

I wanted to pass this mail from the PD list on to here. The problem was 
solved on that list, but I wnated to point out that there are other 
folks wanting PDP and PiDiP inside the Planet packages.


Nicolas Boillot wrote:
> Hi,
> I've successfully install PDP on Planet CCRMA Fedora Core but
> I can't install Pidip. The configure command still tell me he want 
> the path to the PD source, but I put the right path in my configure.ac 
> file to point /src/m_pd.h
> Does anyone know how to resolve this problem ?

<snip! removed contents of various configuration files and directories>

Derek Holzer wrote:
I know this doesn't help Nicolas immediately, but...

Once again, I renew my plea to include pdp and pidip in Planet CCRMA. If
there is one wierd app to install, it is pidip, simple due to the very
specific libs that Yves requires to run it. And more and more, people
are looking for alternatives to Mac-only shareware or licensed
video-processing or expen$ive Jitter or Auvi licenses, and this deserves
some attention from an entry-level Linux multimedia distro like the Planet.


To help Nicolas a bit more...

You would be best to make sure you actually have the pd sources. It
looks like you double and tripple checked, of course, but... Where did
you get this pd-0.37-1.src.tar.gz? Possibly from Miller Puckette's site?
[Un/F]ortunately for PD users, there are many many many versions of PD
floating around, and the sources you checked out might not be correct
for what Yves is looking for when he made pidip... he is very
particular, you know... [this is assuming you made the right link in
your configure.ac file... you could also try /usr/src/pd-0.37-1/ with
the end slash, that could always help (???)]. Otherwise, you might want
to check out [+ maybe compile] the CVS version of PD from here:


or download a diffferent tarball from here:


But, in the long run, if Planet CCRMA wants to support PD in its distro,
then packages of pdp and pidip are essential.

Last chnace, of course, and once you have exhausted you patience with
everything else, is to politely plea to the PD list and see what happens
  next. If Yves is in a good mood, you'll have an answer within an hour. ;-)

good luck,

derek holzer ::: http://www.umatic.nl
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"Use an old idea"

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