[PlanetCCRMA] Is anyone else burning out?

Brian Fahrlander Brian@Fahrlander.net
Mon Sep 22 16:04:02 2003

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    I've been a computing madman since 1978 or so.  I remember sitting
up to 3AM, in bed, wirewrapping old Z80 systems...memorizing the
mnemonics for the 8080/Z-80/8085 processors...and one day I'd hoped to
get a kit that would let me make my own PC boards.

    Rarely I'd hear someone at another table in a resturant talking
computers, I'd fight to find a way into the conversation. =20

    But now when I hear that sort of thing I drop my gaze and hope no
one notices me as a nerd...these days everyone with a buck 95 has a
windows box they've mistreated, or been mistreated by it, and if I touch
it again, I swear I'll have a panic attack.

    Yesterday I was asked about getting the sizes of the home directory
because a client was thinking about going Novell.  I provided the
information of course...but my first thought was "Good. Let'em go to
Novell, I don't care."

    I believe I got here from working 16/7/360 for a lumber yard that
expected everything of me, but not enough to raise my pay rate, or to
trust my suggestions.  Some (probably already burned out) consultant had
been involved with the company since the 70's.  And in effort to keep
him fed, I guess- it sure wasn't because he had a clue as to what he was

    So every time I brought up a solution, it had to run the gauntlet,
and even if it made it, one or two vocal omni-opponents would complain
at the slightest opportunity.

    Is anyone else heading towards the exit of this industry?

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