[PlanetCCRMA] planetedge kernel test

Tracey Anne Hytry shakti@bayarea.net
Sat Sep 20 04:30:03 2003

Hi Fernando!

I remember you asking if anyone had tested out the new kernels and asla that you left on the planetedge for us to try.

So, I decided to check out your handy work on the red hat 7.3 machine that I'm using as my regular workstation here.

Simple test of alsaplayer > jackrack > soundcard, using qjackctl seems to work just fine.

Installation of the was real easy, at least in my own funny way that I do things on this machine ("wgot" the files yesterday and manually installed/upgraded them tonight).  I did a little hand tweaking of things for my own purposes, but all of the rpm's landed their stuff in the correct places(ok, I checked:)

I just checked out your low latency kernel, etc here;  so I have no idea if the other ones work.  It's getting kind of late.  I did the installs around midnight and rebooted about 2am when I got back from keeping Christy company when she ran up to the apple campus to take care of something in a lab.

I'll try to get around to trying the new stuff on the 9.0 machine in the music room when I can find some time.  That will be a regular apt-get install(probably use synaptic), so that way it may tell if the rest of the stuff is working.

Nice work Fernando, thanks a bunch.