[PlanetCCRMA] Agnula & Planet CCRMA: friends or foes?

\"Mr.Freeze\" theremin@free.fr
Sun Sep 14 03:33:01 2003

I don't really know if it has been overdiscussed on this mailing list as some
keyword seach facilities hasn't been yet implemented and i've only handbrowsed
the late months threads: i do apologize for that.

Do you think Agnula ReHMuDi or Planet CCRMA would interfere with or shadow
each-others as both are based on the same distro, or do they really have
different purposes, separate aims?

It seems Agnula are focusing their strengths on the DeMuDI distro (debian-based)
as it's the only one of both for the moment to have a preview standalone
version: does it have to be obviously related with my first question?

I think i'll skip the choice process by using a dual-boot with both Planet CCRMA
& DeMuDi...

In case: http://www.agnula.org