[PlanetCCRMA] primetime?

Juan Reyes juanig@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Oct 13 12:33:01 2003

> Speaking of taking pro audio work on Linux prime time, I have two
> questions that I'd love to hear about from others on this list:
I used several of the planet applications in a real-time concert 
situation. Latency was so good I didn't get many xrun errors or dropouts
and I had a multi channel thirty minutes piece in one part and a twenty
minute stereo synthesis piece in the other. In particular I think that
jack makes a whole's world difference.

> 1.)	Is there a quality application for changing pitch of an entire
> file, or just a segment, without the resampling rate hack. In other
> words, is there a way to get a result about as good as the original but
> in a different key?

I think Julius Smith's resample command line program might do a very
good job, but is nor real-time. Things might get relly creative if you
try Juan Pampin's AMS as part of clm. Resample and CLM part of

> 2.)	What's the status of time scale modification on Linux? Do we
> have a good mechanism to slow something down (or speed it up)
> significantly without changing the pitch? Yet again, of course, the
> ideal would be to have no noticable degradation of quality.

At planet I also came across with PVC which is a good phase vocoder and
spectral command line tools. But speaking of GUIs SND has a time
compression-expansion tool built in its effects bars which you should
try. But no guarantee since most of these tools are not formant based
spectral manipulators. 

  --* Juan