[PlanetCCRMA] successful install - thank you

Dan Easley dan@burntpossum.com
Sat Nov 15 02:58:01 2003

I recently downloaded the Planet CCRMA iso's, burned them to CDR here at
work, went home, and installed them on a 900Mhz Celeron system I bought
for $175 from a guy at the local coffeehouse.  Based on a recent posting
on this list I simply copied the iso's over to the hard drive and mounted
each of them as their own directory in /mnt.

Worked just fine.  Haven't gotten to play with it too much, as the TV
station I work at just moved from tape-based playback to server-based
playback, and I now find myself somewhat averse to fan noise and CRT's
when off the clock.  I have managed to start jack (through qjackctl), run
pd (though I've spent more time with the manual than the program), run
jackrack and make a few noises.

No doubt the intricacies of disk tuning, buffer sizes, and sample rates
will soon occupy my weekend mind.  (As if my weekend mind wasn't
overloaded to begin with.)

All this to say: thank you, Fernando, and thank you, active posters.  This
is one happy lurker, who shall no doubt soon be a source of confused
questions and ill-worded (but well-meaning) error reports.

Thanks again.

Rev. Dan Easley                              http://burntpossum.com