[PlanetCCRMA] rezound/jack

derek holzer derek@x-i.net
Fri Nov 14 09:43:01 2003

just a heads up that a new version of Rezound is out which promises to 
change the record-length-related hangs some of us have experienced. 
maybe a Planet package will come soon...



Release Name: 0.9.0beta

Notes: New features and bug fixes

Note: the two binary packages were linked against JACK-0.50 and so may 
not connect to newer versions of a running jackd server.

Also, I myself have seen some issues with the statically linked binary 
packages loading dynamic .so LADSPA plugin libraries. Let me know if you 
see the same problem--if it segfaults on startup, unset the LADSPA_PATH 
variable and then see if it starts.

- Added LADSPA support (make sure LADSPA_PATH is defined before running)
- Added support for floating point as the interal type (use
--enable-internal-sample-type= configure flag) - Added support for big 
endian platforms [efficiently]
- Built/Tested on Solaris/Sun, Debian/alpha, Debian/x86, 
FreeBSD/x86(somewhat tested), RH9/x86, RH7.3/x86 and Mandrake 9.1/x86
- Added a Morphing Arbitrary FIR Filter
- Added a frontend for formats such as .wav and .aiff for choosing 
compression and sample format types
- Added an action to generate various tones at a given frequency
- Added a 'Burn to CD' action which can create tracks based on cues 
named '('...[')'] (requires cdrdao)
- Added a 'Mark Quite Areas' action that adds cues based on where quiet 
regions of audio are
- Added a 'Duplicate Channel' edit action
- Added a new play button that places from the selection start to the 
end of the sound
- Added brown noise to the noise generator
- Added square wave, positive square wave and abs(sin) LFOs
- Now the stereo phase meter can be rotated 45 degrees or not
- Added a zoom dial for the stereo phase meter
- Now when using "Save as Multiple Files" the same settings can be used 
for each
- Zoom and Scroll positions are now restored on undo
- Added a 'Remember as Default' checkbox to the new sound dialog that 
remembers the values
- Added a command line parameter, '--audio-method=...' that selects the 
method of audio I/O that will be tried first
- Added an '--enable-largefile' flag to configure for future use [when 
other libs get around to supporting it]
- More complete i18n: Russian (thanks Alexandre Prokoudine!) and German 
(thanks Joost Andrae!)
- Fixed an issue with the record duration limit causing things to hang
- FOX > 1.1.35 is now supported
- Other minor bugfixes and minor cosmetic changes