planet on debian [Re: [PlanetCCRMA] ISO images]

William DeMeo
Thu Nov 13 17:01:02 2003

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for your speedy reply about the iso images. I'm beginning to see why you have so many fans
out there!

To say that I'm a planet newbie is an understatement -- but I have a few linux years behind me
(Redhat in 96 to SuSE in 99 to debian a week ago... finally!  Btw, I'll never forgive SuSE for all
but crippling their "Personal Edition", but that's an email for another time and/or list.)

Yes, there is a question in here somewhere... I've browsed through the manual and, although I see
that planet is managed with apt, I didn't see anything about how to proceed down the planet path
when you're starting with a debian system.  (I'm sorry if it's in there and I missed it.  If so, a
friendly pointer or page number would be prefered to a "RTFM".)  I'm guessing there's a short
answer to this question, given that apt is used, but comments/advice on getting started with
planet+debian would be greatly appreciated.

If there are any interesting debian install issues that are not yet in the manual, and if you
think you'd find it it useful, I could keep detailed notes on my planet+debian experience (I'll be
installing on an older dual PII desktop+omnistudio, as well as my newest toy: asus m3n centrino


--- Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano <nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU> wrote:
> > At our office there's a cd burner attached to a windows box with the Roxio cd creator
> software. 
> > I've used it successfully in the past (e.g. with debian iso images) but, when I point the
> Roxio
> > program to the CCRMA .img file, it complains that this format is not recognized. 
> Just rename the file to be ".iso"... I can't remember where I picked the
> extension from, the files are created with mkisofs under linux and are a
> bit for bit copy of a cdrom. No special format whatsoever. 
> Sorry for the confusion. 
> -- Fernando

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