[PlanetCCRMA] Almost Perfect System

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Nov 9 21:28:01 2003

> i can report the same problem, however for me it has to do with my USB 
> cdburner. i reported this earlier this week, but it seems to have 
> slipped by. so i repost:
> on both my laptop and desktop, the boot sequence gets stopped up by my 
> USB cdwriter using the Planet 2.4.22-6.ll.rh90 kernel. the halt point is 
> the same reported above:
> Initializing firewire controller (ohci1394)     [OK]
> then freeze-o-matic.
> the normal redhat kernel with capabilties slows down at the same place 
> in the boot sequence [just after the initialization of the firewire 
> devices and just before the harddrive parameters are set] but then keep 
> going. the ccrma kernel just freezes there.
> let me know if you would like to see any logs or something.

Probably won't help. Something is wrong or broken in the kernel (it
would seem). I would have to try to build a new more recent kernel, it
is in my list of things to do but I don't have the time right now. 

Did you ever try commenting out the 1394 module alias in
/etc/modules.conf (so that the automatic initialization of 1394 does not

-- Fernando