[PlanetCCRMA] Updating/creating apt database

Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano nando@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Nov 9 21:40:04 2003

> It also occurred to me to make a seperate and new
> CDROM with just the newly updated packages, then
> genbasedir a package list, apt cdrom-add it to the
> rest of the disks.

That should be enough, I think, no need to create a "hybrid" cdrom with
the old and the new. APT should be smart enough to figure out what is
new and old and ask for the proper cdrom. 

> How close are either of these to the correct
> procedure?  Would the hash list and the GPG sig in the
> 6/23 Updates ISO cause any trouble?  How careful do I
> need to be in placing the updates in the directory
> tree?  Can I just slap all the downloaded packages
> into one directory (e.g., 11-9 updates) or do I need
> to create a tree, ala, redhat/9/en/i386,
> redhat/9/en/i686, redhat/9/en/kernel_and_drivers,
> etc.?

I would recreate the structure of the old cdrom. But as long as apt and
genbasedir are happy it should not matter. 

> In short, given an install entirely from CDROM:
> 1)would it be easier to mix the new packages with the
> old Update CDROM, adding them to the appropriate
> places in the existing directory tree (where there is
> one) or to create a new CDROM?; 

Just create a new cdrom.

> 2) What kind of
> directory tree should I create if I make a new CDROM?;

I would replicate the existing cdrom structure. 

> and, 3)What would the syntax for the appropriate
> genbasedir/genpkglist command (which I gather should
> be executed from the /apt/.../base directory of the
> tree.)?

I think it should be executed from the apt directory, not apt/base, when
I create the redhat cdroms I use:
  genbasedir --flat --bloat --bz2only --progress $APTDIR/ os
(I think in the new repo I don't add the "--bz2only")

Where APTDIR is:
CDROMDIR=where the copy of the cdrom resides

-- Fernando